Administration and
consulting services to
clients nationwide.


Most of Brewster & Brewster’s clients are small to mid-sized businesses. Because they typically do not have an HR department (or person on staff with an in-depth knowledge of employee benefits), Brewster & Brewster acts as their outsourced HR department with regard to retirement benefits. This provides clients with the same level of expertise that a large organization enjoys — but at a fraction of the cost.

     Success in the administration of retirement plans requires ongoing communication. Brewster & Brewster contacts clients and reviews their retirement plan, the valuation process, and the year-end results. Clients’ accountants are routinely contacted to ensure that expectations for both parties are identical and on track.

     Success in maintaining compliance with government regulations requires ensuring the proper information is gathered and verified for accuracy, completing the required and appropriate forms, and providing substantiating backup.


Unlike bundled providers who put the burden of the process on the client, we believe we were hired because we are the experts in government compliance and reporting. Our expertise makes us excellent consultants.

     We can help you:

  • Determine the effects of a change in plan provisions
  • Determine the effects of a change in allocation formula
  • Project benefits to retirement age
  • Calculate contributions necessary to reach desired benefit levels
  • Determine the allocation of various hypothetical contribution amounts
Plus a wide range of other services specific to your particular needs.